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 Virgin Russian Wefts 

Ashleigh Hair now offers the Virgin Russian hair, which are professionally hand tied with Virgin Russian hair. The wefts can be sewn in to achieve length and volume. With the use of our Virgin Russian hair the weft feels light, natural and acts exactly the same as your natural hair. This hair is the most elite and luxurious hair available, as it has not been processed in chemicals, acid washes and all cuticles are intact ensuring that the hair is soft, tangle free, lasting around 3 years. The benefits of our hand tied wefts are that they do not shed and are hard to detect creating a really natural look that is easy to maintain on a day-to-day basis. Each weft is custom made and is sourced direct from our supplier exclusively for Ashleigh hair, meaning the length and width can be chosen for the perfect fit. 

Our standard sized weft is 10-11inches wide. Ranging in lengths 16" to 22" each weft weighs approximately 50 grams



1 to 2 wefts = adding volume and thickness (finer hair)

2 to 3 wefts = adding length, volume and Thickness (average hair)

3 to 4 wefts = deluxe length, super thickness and mega volume (for extra thick hair)


 Prices quoted online are for our standard 11” width weft which usually fits from temple to temple.


Hand tied wefts can not be cut so please check that our standard 11” weft is the correct size or contact us with your required measurements.​

Virgin hair can be coloured by a professional hairdresser to any colour as any virgin (natural) hair would be. To colour virgin hair to blonde we recommend ordering medium to light brown/blonde