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Ashleigh Hair now welcomes clients to the world of Tape Extensions. Ashleigh Hair use only the best Virgin Russian hair for their tape extensions. They source and manufacture only the best hair direct from Russia,  ensuring their tape extensions are the most natural with a long lasting lifespan.

So how do they work? Our tapes consist of Virgin Russian hair that are applied to a tab around 3/4 cm long, the tab consists of tape that is then placed onto a section of your hair, another tab is then placed direct onto the previous tape. Creating a sandwich sealing your hair into the hair extensions.

The benefits of Ashleigh Hair's tapes are that they lie very flat to the scalp, meaning the hair extensions are very discrete, they are perfect for clients who wear their hair up and want to add thickness around the sides of their hair. Ashleigh Hair's tapes come in a range of lengths from 16" to 24" meaning we can adapt to any look you want. 

Maintenance is needed every 6/8 weeks, this consists of your stylist spraying a release solution onto the tapes, simply sliding the tapes out, then re-taping the tab and re-installing into your hair.




A free hair consultation is carried out to discuss your colour match and assess your suitability for hair extensions.



The Tape Hair Extension fitting will take anywhere from 1-3 hours. This includes cutting, styling and after-care advice



After 6-8 weeks you will need to come back for tightening, we will maintain the extensions.



After the recommended life-span has ended, you will need your hair extension removed, ready for a new set.

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