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Semi Permanent Lashes are a revolutionary treatment which not only transforms your lashes into thicker, longer natural lashes but is becoming one of the fastest growing Beauty treatments in the UK. Here at Ashleigh Hair & Beauty we are renowned for our lash treatments.

These lash extensions are designed so no mascara is needed and are extremely versatile. Wake up to thicker, longer natural lashes everyday.

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Classic Style

Our Classic style extensions are used to enhance your natural lash by adding one synthetic lash to each individual eyelash. The extensions are amazingly lightweight and comfortable with many celebrites now having them done.

Hybrid Style

Our Hybrid style extensions, consist of the perfect mix, of classic and volume. Perfect for someone wanting a thicker look than classic, but not the full pop of volume. We take great care of choosing the correct style, length, weight and curl. Make your dream hybrid lash come true, totally bespoke to you. 

Russian Volume

Russian Volume are by far the most popular choice with clients of all the eyelash styles that we offer at Ashleigh Hair. A fan of multiple lashes are created, each one personally tailor made, then applied to the natural lash. Instantly giving a more voluminous look. This technique is ideal for absolutely anybody, whether you wish for a more natural volume or dramatic volume look.

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