7 Step Brow Treatment
1- Consultation, with Donna to discuss the look you want, based on your face shape and style.
2- Tinting with custom blended brow dye.
3- Waxing to create your dream shape.
4- Threading to remove fluffy hairs.
5- Trimming & Tweezing to perfect the shape created.
6- Finish using brow make-up, to a look that suits you.
7- Aftercare to help you maintain your look.
revolutionary new treatment that has landed at Ashleigh Hair. This treatment is the perfect alternative for someone who doesn't want to commit to lash extensions, but wants to add a little more pop to their lashes. This specialist technique will involve your stylist applying lotions to your lashes, which will relax and lift them. Giving them an instantly longer and fuller look. This amazing treatment can last around 6-8 weeks. 
Another brand new brow technique that is now offered at Ashleigh Hair. This treatment also includes a complimentary brow wax and tint. Brow lamination is the new trend in the brow industry. It a great way to tame unruly brow hairs, whether thick or thin. This treatment involves relaxing the brow hairs giving them a sleeker, fuller and more defined appearance. Perfect for styling those coarse brows, making them easier to maintain. 

Mon    10am-5.30pm

Tue    10am-5.30pm

Wed    10am-5.30pm

Thur    10am-8.00pm

Fri    10am-7.30pm

Sat    10am-5.30pm

Sun    closed


Under £20 £4.00 - Standard

Over £20 £6.95 - Special Delivery

Trade-£6.95 - Special Delivery

International - £20 Standard

Allow 1 to 3 working days

Allow 5 to 10 days for international 

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