Length - 17”

Weight - 100 grams (approx)

Weft Band Width - 12”

Shade - 7/0

No of Wefts - 2

Texture - wave


Note, the images show the hair in its natural form, with its natural texture. Which can be styled exactly how you desire. We always advice you buying hair that has the same texture as your own natural hair, before you style it. This ensure the most natural match.

**Images here show the specific weft/bundle for sale**

Price here is for the amount of wefts/hair stated.

The hair can be coloured to match your own, if your a blonde client you will need to have the hair coloured to match.

The tops of the wefts cannot be cut to please measure temple to temple to ensure a comfortable fit.





Images here show the texture, length and colour as true to form as possible. Though can slightly differ due to lighting.


Thickness on the ends of the wefts can vary due to the hair being luxury virgin hair. This hair is not sold as double drawn. It is a thick as what can naturally be collected from the donor, so thicknesses can vary between each bundle/weft. Each donor we collect hair from can differ.


If you require clips to be attached onto the wefts please get in-touch or add a comment on the “leave us a note section”.


Ashleigh Hair wefts are hand tied wefts, which are professionally hand tied with Virgin Russian hair. The wefts can be sewn in to achive length and volume. With the use of our Virgin Russian hair the weft feels light, natural and acts exactly the same as your natural hair. This hair is the most elite hair availible, as it has not been processed in chemicals, acid washes and all cuticles are intact ensuring that the hair is soft, tangle free, lasting up to 3 years if looked after. The benefits of our hand tied wefts are that do not shed and are hard to detect creating a really natural look that is easy to maintain on a day to day basis.


Our standard sized weft is between 11/12inches wide. The Width of the wefts are stated above. Each Weft we aim to make around 45/50 grams but this can vary.

17” shade 7/0 (2 wefts)

SKU: T116weft
    • Please DO NOT cut the virgin wefts, as these are hand tied, if you cut the wefts it will break how the weft has been made, if this is done we will not be liable for the damage caused to the hair extensions and the lose of hair, the hair wefts on average come 11” wide. Please see product description for exact details on the measurments.
    • Virgin hair can be coloured, please have this done by a professional, also take note all colouring and chemical processing will damage the hair extensions just like it would your own hair, this may shorten the hair lifespan.